Welcome to Halfway to Ninety

Welcome to Halfway to Ninety! I have written this introductory post about a hundred times in my head. I glanced at my journal for some support. It says “Be Legendary” on its cover. For a brief moment I thought it said “Be Pudgy.” My first thought was “Nailed It!” Pudgy! I got that. Legendary…well, not so much! I am sharing my thoughts with you in hopes that I will bring you a smile and some encouragement. Here it goes…

Remember when we were excited to celebrate another birthday. It was wonderful to check off the months leading up to our birthday. I remember proudly announcing that I was 6 and a half. I was so happy to have that extra half. Then, as sixteen approached, I remember counting the days until my driving test. From that point on, I longed for eighteen. It meant freedom and the open road. Freedom to do as I pleased. Then, on to twenty-one. Well, all of that freedom wasn’t what it was cracked-up to be, at least in my own mind. As I get a bit older, the half way point in each year comes faster and faster.

Facing my next birthday -halfway to ninety- got me thinking. Perhaps it may be time to admit to myself that my time here on Earth is half over. Looking at my family tree, it appears that I am closer to two-thirds complete.  Weighty thoughts (they go well with my pudgy thoughts!).

Earlier this year, half a year ago, I set out with the purpose to make a positive difference in the lives of my family, friends, clients and anyone else with whom I come into contact.  My newfound acceptance of being in my middle years has me looking at where I have been and, where I am going.

Parenting three kids, two of whom have special needs, is quite a challenge. I hope that the legacy I leave for them is a strong one. I want them to understand their roots, be passionate about learning history, be critical thinkers and have the desire to show love to their neighbor. Lofty goals, but I think these are what most of us want for our children.

I have wanted to write a book for a long time. Putting words to paper, or computer, has long been on my “to do” list, but life has gotten in the way. Time is flying by at breakneck speed. I figure it is now or never to get my thoughts out of my head and into the hearts of my family and friends, and now, readers.

I know we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Obvious, I know. However, I haven’t internalized that until recently. My dad passed away almost exactly six months ago. I remember having a lovely phone call with him on Christmas Day. I figured I would give him a call a few days later to check up on him. Before my next conversation with him, he relocated to Heaven.  I wasn’t expecting that. Perhaps I should have been.  With my eyes wide open and my mind focused on being purposeful, I will march forward as bravely as I can.

As we get further along in this blogging journey, I hope I will motivate you to think, dream, be passionate. Until we meet again… Deb