Happy First Birthday, Half Way to Ninety!

What a long, strange trip it’s been! I started this blog last June as a birthday present to myself. I wanted an outlet to express myself and encourage others on their life journey. I hope I can bring some humor to this walk, as well.

Each year on my birthday I spend time reflecting on the last year and setting some goals for the next year. This last year has been EPIC! Todd and I adopted a little girl. I have spent a fair amount of page space describing her antics. I moved my office to the house and went back to solo law practice. Yay for being a #BossBabe. I colored my hair purple for bit. Pretty eventful.

I gained some weight. I haven’t been able to walk very far due to painful plantar fasciitis. I just finished 5 weeks of EPAT treatments. Those treatments are not for the faint of heart! The doc says I will feel better about three months after the last treatment. That was last week, so here’s hoping that they work. I am ready to walk again. You know… they make you pay up front for the treatments. If I didn’t, there is no way I would have come back after the first one! Crafty on their part!  I just wanted to ask the lady doing the treatment what made her such a sadistic B**!@*? But… I held my tongue – very hard for me to do!!

Todd and I have had to hold a hard line and advocate loudly to get our daughter the help she needs. We have room for improvement, but we are learning as we go. I did an interview on NHPR  http://nhpr.org/post/nh-foster-care-system-faces-surge-children-needing-homes-and-dearth-foster-families about the need for foster parents in NH and some of the struggles we faced working with the State in our daughter’s case.

What are the goals for the next year? I want to draft legislation that mandates better, more open and honest, communication between DCYF and foster families. This is in response to the very little, and often incorrect, information we got about our little girl. The party line is often, “That is confidential, so we can’t tell you.” My response to that is… ENOUGH!  Foster families can’t help the kids in their care if they don’t know what has happened to that child. In our case, our daughter never stops talking, so we had a pretty good clue about some things right off the bat. However, because of her trauma history, she had a tough time verbalizing some of what happened. The poor kid has PTSD. Isn’t it important to know what caused it so that we don’t accidentally trigger her? This isn’t rocket science. Our story is long and difficult, hers –  exponentially more so.

I am looking forward to taking my business to new heights with my great office team. Ellie and Mel keep me going. Todd is ever so handy around here, too. I want to help more families get their estate plans in order. I want to help more small businesses get up and running effectively.  That work is incredibly satisfying. Stay tuned for more details!

Todd and I are hoping that our girl further integrates into the family. This is a tall order for a kid with Reactive Attachment Disorder.  That said, at this very moment, she and Sam are outside playing together. This may last for 5 minutes, but I’ll take it. I am so proud of the boys. They keep trying to engage her and have her join in their fun. They are persistent in their efforts to include her. To me, that shows good character. Todd and I know that this experience has been hard on the boys. We take special care to give them plenty of time with us, therapy, friends and plenty of fun where she can’t interrupt. They make their momma proud.

I also want to take this blog to the next level. More communication. More resources for you. More encouragement. Hopefully more humor. Here is to a great next year. Love to all!   Deb