Change is good!

I haven’t always embrace the idea that change is good. However, now that I have experienced change in almost every area of my life in the last few months, I can see the silver lining. Spring is approaching and, with that, a feeling that all things are being made new.

At the end of December 2016, my law partner and I decided to dissolve our business. So, full steam ahead, I decided to open my solo practice once again. This time I decided that I should practice out of a home office to be closer to the kids and save on overhead. All that sounded great until the constructions of the space started.  Plaster and drywall dust are now my mortal enemies!  We (the royal we – which means just Todd) tore out a stair case, moved a wall, removed lots and lots of plaster, drywalled, and the list goes on. We are making an office space that is separate from the living quarters with insulated walls so that it is not quite as easy to hear the kids during work hours.

This office change involved a ton of moving. Moving files, moving furniture, moving technology. Moving forced me to take a critical look at what I have and why I have it. I had to dust off old files and office gear to evaluate whether I still needed the items. So, I have a little less junk now and accomplished a good bit of dusting. My office team and I reevaluated the systems we use, accounting software, practice management software, phone systems, networking for the office and more. I can sum this up with one word – purposeful. We are taking deliberate steps to have a great office that works well for us and our clients.

Change is alive and well for the family, too. As you may know, we adopted Logan in December. She started school in January and is enjoying it, but it is still a change.  We have a different schedule for her than she had before. She is working with a new staff member and new teacher. Change is hard for her, but she is handling it pretty well.

Construction in the house has changed our family life, too. We are getting used to doing without our front living room and spare bedroom (now my office). The boys were a little upset that their living room disappeared. It was their sanctuary to get away from their sister. So, we have new routines around that, too.

Change helps us shake the dust off. We get out of stuck routines and take a closer look at what we do and how we do it. We have changed routines around lunchtime, dinner time, and chores. I have a clear business plan and renewed motivation to get things done and done well. Passion is returning to my law practice. I love what I do. I love being an integral part of the solution for my clients, whatever that solution may be.

Change is good. It gives us a chance to reflect on our mission and vision. It gives us a chance to be purposeful in our response. I could have looked at my partnership dissolution as a hardship, but instead it is a great opportunity to take my business and personal life to new heights. I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Have a great week!



I am a working mom with 3 great kids. Married to Todd, a stay at home dad. We try to gracefully manage autism, a foster daughter, and a law practice. I am blogging to encourage other families who find themselves in need of some encouragement, ideas, support and perhaps a little humor.

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