Merry Christmas!

    I just wanted to get a quick post up to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We are now a family of five. Adoption Day was a success – in spite of a huge number of glitches behind the scenes (fuel for another blog post later on). We have arrived on the doorstep of Christmas in one piece, in a bit of chaos, but we are here.

   The Christmas Season with little ones is a strange mix of joy, anticipation and  zany behavior. The kids are all looking forward to Santa’s treasures. I am looking forward to giving them the gifts. However, Reactive Attachment Disorder creeps in and makes vain attempts to sabotage at every corner. Our little girl is stuck between worlds. She is now in her forever home, but the images and past nightmares from prior places are haunting her. She knows she is here forever in her head, but that is a hard concept for such a small person. So, her learned behaviors kick in. Fortunately, we are learning to read her facial expressions and body language which allows us to intervene before she really goes off the deep end.

   I know many of you are dealing with some other tough issues here at Christmas time. I know several readers are experiencing profound sadness because this is your first Christmas without a loved one here. I am wrestling with that extraordinary grief while trying to hold it together to give my family a nice Christmas. It is a bit surreal. I have a heavy heart and miss my Dad like crazy. It was a jolt to mail out Christmas presents to grandparents yesterday and not have one for him going out, too. I just want to pick up the phone and tell him about current events. I go to dial and realize I can’t.  The little things get me in the gut. I know you know what I mean.

   I don’t want to lose sight of the real reason we are celebrating, gathering together and giving gifts. In our home, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. God’s precious Son is the most amazing gift we could ever receive. I can imagine Mary and Joseph looking at their newborn baby, bursting with joy and wonder, but, at the same time, having some understanding that this birth was a cataclysmic event. Jesus’ birth was such a miracle. He was born to bring peace to our souls and to the Earth. He is truly the great Comforter, Mighty God, Prince of Peace.  Good to keep in mind as we bustle through Target trying to find just the right wrapping paper. I need the reminder that the event of Christmas in our house is just small potatoes. We have much to be grateful for this season.

  I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas full of love, hugs and joy. Take time to honor the other emotions of the day, too. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we journey together into the new year.


I am a working mom with 3 great kids. Married to Todd, a stay at home dad. We try to gracefully manage autism, a foster daughter, and a law practice. I am blogging to encourage other families who find themselves in need of some encouragement, ideas, support and perhaps a little humor.

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